From the encounter between the eclectic creativity of the Spanish trio Lievore Altherr Molina and Jesse’s Made in Italy production capacity, a surprising page of Italian design is born: Aleph, a wall bookcase that amazes from the first glance. Aleph is a modular bookcase that recalls the pages of a book, with columns that fan out and seem to jealously conceal books and objects. Aesthetics and functionality come together in a new language, in which content and container refer to each other and create a timeless design furniture. A design bookcase that can be customized by choosing different colors and finishes for the internal shelves and the external casing.

Jesse R&D
Jesse is a company with over 80 years of experience and history in furniture manufacturing. Its design and manufacturing techniques are aimed to define a modern collection of furnishing system and accessories reflecting a strongly modern concept of living, where every home is unique in dimension in with functional needs combine with feelings, affinities, different tastes.

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