Puck is a round coffee table designed to help functionality. Its inclined base hides an intelligent thought: in addition to aesthetically characterizing this design coffee table, the inclined Brown metal leg brings the table top closer to the sofa, allowing objects to be placed and taken with ease. The height of the leg also favors the movements. The wooden top can be finished with Jesse lacquers, glossy and opaque, and with the refined Marglas, a material that is the result of technological innovation, resistant to stains, ecological, with a great aesthetic impact. Puck is a high service table with an Italian design, but with a versatile soul: its essentiality allows it to be inserted in any living room and also in contract projects.

Jesse R&D
Jesse is a company with over 80 years of experience and history in furniture manufacturing. Its design and manufacturing techniques are aimed to define a modern collection of furnishing system and accessories reflecting a strongly modern concept of living, where every home is unique in dimension in with functional needs combine with feelings, affinities, different tastes.

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